The coolest beer company in the world!

    • Red Stripe is one of Jamaica’s leading corporate entities employing just under 300 full-time employees and over 400 contractors, producing the world-famous Red Stripe™ beer, which was first brewed in Jamaica in 1928. Dubbed the Beer of Jamaica, Red Stripe has earned the distinction of having 16 Monde Selection Awards for Quality, among numerous other awards. It is also brewed in the United Kingdom under license and is now available in over 25 markets around the world.

    • Red Stripe is the flagship brand within an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol across spirits and beer. These brands include Rum Stripe™. Heineken™, Dragon™, Guinness™, Smirnoff™, Baileys™, Johnnie Walker™, Don Julio ™, Tanqueray™, Casamigos™ and Zacapa™. Red Stripe is the trading name of Desnoes and Geddes (D&G) Limited in which HEINEKEN holds the majority shares. Founded by Eugene Desnoes and Thomas Geddes in 1918, Desnoes & Geddes Ltd. celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018.


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