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      Red Stripe houses over 250 brands in over 70 countries, painting the Red Stripe on the hearts of many worldwide.

      Red Stripe

      The great Jamaican Beer we know today has set the standard by which other beers are measured since 1928. Today the company is a subsidiary of one of the largest and most profitable beverage and alcohol conglomerates HEINEKEN.

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        Red Stripe - LAGER BEER

        Available SKU: 341ml, 330ml

        ABV: 4.7%

        Red Stripe - LEMON PARADISE

        Available SKU: 250ml can, 275ml bottle

        ABV: 3.6%

        Red Stripe - SORREL

        Available SKU: 250ml can, 275ml bottle

        ABV: 3.6%

        Red Stripe - LIGHT

        Available SKU: 275ml bottle

        ABV: 3.6%


        A Premium Lager Beer from its origins as a 19th-century local beer, brewed in Amsterdam, it has transformed into a global icon. Sold in 192 countries, Heineken is the world’s most international premium beer brand.

        Heineken’s unique A-Yeast is responsible for the rich balanced taste and subtle fruity notes that have distinguished every single Heineken since the 19th century. When the Heineken master brewers perfected their craft, they learned that fermenting our beer in horizontal tanks, instead of the industry-standard vertical, creates the perfect pressure for our A-Yeast. And that it takes 28 days to get the best result; much longer than average, but we prefer patience above compromising on quality.

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          Heineken Lager

          Available SKU: 330ml bottle, 250ml bottle, 250ml slimline can

          ABV: 5%


          Guinness is a beer born of a thirst for adventure. Crisp barley cuts through hops. A bite draws you in, bold flavours linger. Bitter marries sweet. A rich, refreshing taste. Brewed with skill. Built to last.

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            Available SKU: 1litre, 275ml

            ABV: 6.5%

            Dragon Stout

            Known as Jamaica’s best-kept secret, Dragon Stout is a perfect blend of Pilsen & roasted malt, sugar, hops, water and caramel colouring. Enjoyed since 1920, Dragon Stout continues to hold its own in the market as a Jamaican favourite.

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              Dragon Stout

              Available SKU: 1litre, 284ml

              ABV: 7.5%

              Dragon Spitfire

              Available SKU: 250ml

              ABV: 10%

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