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    Responsible consumption is one of the three pillars under our value of sustainability and responsibility.

    This is an ongoing campaign launched in 2013 as Think Responsibly, Drink Responsibly. This social campaign promotes responsible drinking - drinking at the right age and in the right portions. It aims to change the general attitude and culture of alcohol consumption. One of the most notable initiatives from the campaign was the ‘Drink Right Taxi’ where a winner was chosen each week of different party seasons, to get a free taxi ride home from the event.

    Our "Drink and Live Responsibly" initiative is designed to educate consumers about the potential risks associated with the misuse of alcohol and encourage moderation and responsible decision-making.

    We also take pride in our "Get Home Safe" campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of planning safe transportation options after consuming alcohol. By partnering with ride-sharing services, public transportation, and promoting designated driver programs, we strive to ensure that our consumers have the means to make responsible choices.

    Moreover, we recognize that responsible consumption starts with education and awareness from an early age. That's why Red Stripe launched the "Parents Movement" campaign. Through this campaign, we recognize the role parents play in shaping the attitudes and behaviors of their children. We provide resources and support to help parents have open and honest conversations about alcohol and mental health, ensuring that future generations grow up with a strong understanding of responsible consumption.

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