Budding forklift operators look to raise their life prospects

Growing up in the tough inner-city community of Parade Gardens in Central Kingston, Rushawn Williams, 18, is hoping to be an inspiration to the youth.

    So when he heard about a training and certification programme for forklift operators, he instantly jumped at the opportunity. Yesterday, he was among a group of young men who showed up at Thompson's Trucking and Equipment for the training. It is being held by The Desnoes and Geddes (D&G) Foundation in collaboration with DECS Management & Logistics Services Limited and Project STAR.

    Williams, who also has an eye on a music career, operates a studio in Southside with a friend

    "We a try better wi self by doing music. We also a try help other youths who wah do music as well. Mi leave school last year and mi never wah sit down and nah du nutten. Suh when mi hear about it through one of my friend dem, mi just say let me do it," he said.

    The programme was designed to increase the number of certified forklift operators in Jamaica, expand the safety operations of companies, and ultimately improve production coverage and productivity. Following the one-month training, graduates have an opportunity to find gainful and meaningful employment through internships. Twenty days of paid internship follow the training. At least 21 trainees will receive practical and soft skills training from expert forklift trainer Patrick Pottinger.

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