'Draw it Out' brings parents and children closer in Seaview Gardens

D&G Foundation accountant Dennis Beckford warmly guides parents and children as they participate in an engaging "Draw It Out" session at Seaview Gardens Primary School.

    THE D&G Foundation has joined forces with The Art of Motivation programme to launch the immersive Draw It Out programme in schools, to inspire youth empowerment and community development through art.

    The launch event hosted at Seaview Gardens Primary School last Friday included an interactive painting session for parents and children before extending a donation of Shawn Ashman's therapeutic art journals to participants.

    Ashman designed the Draw It Out programme to promote healing and self-expression among children and parents.

    "Recognising the challenges children face in expressing themselves amidst various circumstances at home, I felt compelled to create a transformative tool that enables them to process their emotions healthily. Children can unleash their creativity through these specially designed journals and effectively communicate their thoughts and feelings through art. At the same time, parents can guide them on this journey at home," said Ashman.

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